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Bugiri Miracle Center church is found in the eastern Part of uganda, in a place called Bugiri town

The popular Miracle centre has been in operation for more than 20 years and was found by the prominent Pastor Fred Sewanyana on the basis of spreading the word of God.

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Bugiri Miracle Centre


Our major mission is to minister love, kindness, forgiveness and humility in the hurting world

Our Values

A church raised on the foundation of transparency, commitments, objective desires, goal orientives providing quality services in an error free and timely manner and provide outstanding customer services at every contact point.


Who we are

We are church raised on the foundation of Christ where we also share love for christ through ministering love, kindness, forgiveness and humility in the hurting world.


What we Believe

We Believe in one God that created Heaven, Earth and The Universe and that is our major emphasis and strong belief, then we believe in social partnership and ministering love in the hurting world.


Our Community

we are a community of different categories in different aspects reaching more than 1000 people on our digital platforms. The Youth ministry, Choir Ministers and charity programs accelerated our goals towards building a larger community

Our Latest Services

The church together with the community that believes in our contibutions and good news for christ, Our partners and leaders have so far successful went through the joyful services.
happy new year
31st of December during daytime, the whole church went through annual prayer, love and kindness was ministered and the next day we conducted thanks giving and testifying to the lord.

Church Wedding

The wedding of PR.Fred and Dorothy Sewanyna was conducted successfully in 2021 from the miracle centre. Religious marriage certified by PR.Kaahwa Robert
christmas mega festival
We managed to celebrate Christmas together as a church with lots of pleasure including entertainment from King Cosa, Youths choir who showcased their talent as we preach the word of God.