ministering love
in the hurting world
We exist to minister love, kindness, forgiveness in the hurting world. For more than 20 years of performing Miracles, Wonders and bringing up well religious transformed citizen in Uganda and Africa.

About us

Bugiri Miracle Centre is one of the biggest church in Eastern Uganda with more than 2000 congregates per month. We minister love in the hurting world and good news of Jesus Christ together with salvation.
senior pastor
pr.sewanyana fred
PR.Sewanyana Fred is a Ugandan pastor born on 31st/10/1962 who is officially and religiously married to Dorothy Sewanyana blessed with three beloved children serving the church as family choir.
He is blessed with good news from Jesus Christ and he is the senior pastor of Bugiri Miracle Centre for more than 20 years. He is a transparent, devoted, kind and loyal to the church and to every one. This has enabled him to lead the church with a transparent leading voice for more than 20 years ministering love in the hurting world.
Love for children, for the church and committed towards serving the lord is his daily performing duty as a servant of God and a good leader of the church.
sewanyana fred
Pr. Sewanyna Fred preaching

Our Sermons

Every Sunday is a day of hearing and listening to motivating holy messages from the senior Pastor Fred Sewanyana and all clergy members of the church. Missed the church, our weekly sermons are available on our social media platforms .
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No need to miss any event of our church, We strive high to effective communicate with our global audience so you that you feel the presence in the church.
This is how far the lord has enabled us for more than 20 years of existance.
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